Company Profile


Vitone Eco is the industrial heritage left from a family of ambitious entrepreneurs who, in lands mainly farmed by olive trees, more than one century ago, started manufacturing olive presses for local olive oil makers. A few years later than the Company start, their machines were exported worldwide.

Due to the stock of knowledge handed down by their olive-presses-focused ancestors, the inheritors have expanded business in technologically comparable fields, such as food and beverage, bio-energy, recycling and sludge dewatering.

To adapt to the changes gradually occurred to its related market arena, Vitone Eco has successfully experienced market-development strategies. The know-how learned from the business experience related to the olive oil production has been invested in new industrial sectors.

Nowadays Vitone Eco Company builds horizontal axis centrifuges (decanters) and vertical separators, to separate many different kinds of fluids and remove their solid part.

The Company products range includes:

  • poly-preparation systems
  • screw conveyors

Vitone Eco provides a worldwide service and assured training and support in both pre and post-sales phases, prompt and regular information, transparency, reliability, confidentiality.

Vitone Eco commits itself to build efficient and environmentally friendly technology. Vitone Eco gives its support in defending the environment, it operates according to the ecosystem preservation requirements and pursues the idea of sustainable growth.