Olive Oil Extraction

Mr. Oil Extraction Line

Our extraction lines are fully built with stainless steel. We have many options for Washers, Crushers, Kneaders, Decanters and Separators.

Mr.Oil’s washers guarantee the most effective cleaning of the olives in any state of the harvest.

Once cleaned, the olives pass to the crushing and kneading phases. Our crushers preserve all the olives organoleptic qualities while our kneading machines keep the paste at constant temperature in order to guarantee the best preparation for the extraction phase, which our decanters are accountable for. The final step concerns to Mr. Oil V2700 separator. All the process is software controlled.

By reading the features related to each machine, you may identify the combination that definitely fit with your purposes.

Mr. Oil is the state-of-the-art technology for olive oil extraction.

If you try Mr.Oil once, you won’t ever do without.