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Quality policy


Vitone Eco choose the goalS to be prioritized in order to fulfill the expectations of all the Company stakeholders (Customers, Employees,Suppliers).

We think that the quality in our products either in the services we supply, which we pursue through each phase of the Company process, is the key factor to achieve a leadership position in the Market arena.

Therefore, we aim at the following goals:
• customrs satisfaction;
• ongoing improvement of products and services quality;
• efficiency;
• market share increasement.
As a consequence of the above listed goals, we recognize that the creation and the devevopment of an efficent and effective Quality System, is the most suitable way to succeed.
As the basics of our Quality System, VITONE ECO came up with the following standards which we aim at matching:
 Our directors are strongly and continuosly committed to the Quality System management,
 Our personell, whatever the role and the rank, is fully and consciously involved with the implementantion of the Quality System.
 Our customer relationship system is oriented to the maximum achievable cooperation.
 In order to continuosly improve our products, we keep a strict cooperation with our suppliers.
 In order to increase our human capital and improve our personnel skills, we focus on their ongoing training.

Vitone Eco's Quality System complies with UNI-EN ISO 9001/2015 standard requirements. We share the knowledge and the implementation tools of the same with all the Company employees, in order to make sure that they are committed to enact the required quality standards.

The Company directos guarantee that the Company policy fulfills their purposes, suits the Company stratetegy and builds the corner stones for the quality and the standards required.

The Company commits itself to the goal of spreading its own Quality Policy and to make it available and understandable to the Company personnel, who has to share it at any rank and role, by involving all the Company human resouces.