Sludge Dewatering


It is the most innovative technology born in VITONE ECO's labs. Mr Sludge centrifuges series are expressly engineered and manufactured to achieve the best results in dehydration of all kinds of sludge. Mr Sludge is the state-of-the art in the industrial centrifuges field and fits to any wastewater treatment plant:

  • it streamlines the internal screw conveyor, which leverages on a high-speed inner sludge-polymer mixer;
  • it features durable and lightest bowl materials;
  • it is provided with electrical motors based on shock-absorbing devices in order to prevent both vibrations and belt drivers from sliding;
  • it boasts a restyled graphical user interface;

The practical results achieved are:

  • higher bowl speed (and, as a consequence, more separating power);
  • optimization of polymer effectiveness;
  • lower energy consumption;
  • high reliability of the decanter, even at top speed.
  • minimum manteinance.
  • user-friendliness.

All the above mentioned benefits help to significantly reduce the operational costs.
VITONE ECO counts on a ten models centrifuges range, up to 100 mc/h capacity.

They display a cutting-edge design which differenciates them from competitors.